Working together with your pet is a growing trend in the world of coworking and office space

Sabrina and Racoon at Hive Five

We would like to share with you this report from El Periòdic d’Andorra explaining the benefits of pet-friendly work environments and focusing especially on the case of Hive Five Coworking Andorra.

As the journalist writes, “the implementation of pet-friendly working environments has a number of benefits for both employees and the company. According to a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University, the presence of pets reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure in workers and people close to them, contributing to a more relaxed, dynamic and creative work environment.

On the other hand, preventing pets from spending long hours alone also improves their mood and their relationship with other animals and with people. In the news you will see the happy faces of Racoon, Pupo and Loki.

At Hive Five Coworking Andorra, as well as being pet-friendly, we are also the headquarters of GosSOS, a protective association of reference in Andorra that works to improve the welfare of fragile or abandoned dogs.