Sheila Dixon was born and raised in Schenectady, New York and received her Bachelor’s Degree in 2013 from Brown University, member of the Ivy League.  She went on to receive a MSc in Sports Policy, Management and International Development from the University of Edinburgh in 2015.  She is an ex-professional basketball player, having most recently played from Futbol Club Barcelona (2016-2019). It is fair to say, Sheila’s career and passion for basketball and other sports as well as her sense of community strongly influenced her entrepreneurial career.  Beginning in 2017, she created DIXON SPORT, a company based out of Barcelona, Spain which focuses on exposing aspiring basketball players largely from Spain and surrounding European countries to the American youth basketball system through travel experiences and educational opportunities in the U.S.  Dixon Sport has demonstrated exponential growth since its inauguration, each year doubling in number of customers- participants. It is from all the interactions that Sheila has had with her players, from young individuals of other sports and from her own personal experience and deep knowledge that RooQi was created. 

Coworking Andorra

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